Turn the tides in your favor

Atlantis is in turmoil.

Leaders of the most powerful Houses are in constant conflict, vying for control of the city.

And their focus has now turned to the Council of Elders, an ancient institution that rules Atlantis from the shadows. 

As the head of one of these Houses, you will need to send out Agents to try and persuade the Elders to ‘see things your way’. Skillfully navigate the Council’s ever-changing laws to secure your grasp on the world’s most magnificent city.

Persuade Elders

Each round, you’ll have one card in front of you. This is the Elder you want to persuade to help your cause.

To do so, you’ll send out Agents (cards from your hand). Play the right one at the right time in the right way, and you will convince a crucial member of the Council to see things your way.


Coordinate with your team

In team mode, you will have to cleverly coordinate with your team members about the Agents you will collectively send out. 

How do you block the opposing team while progressing towards your own, shared goal?

Manipulate the Council's Majority

Each round will be governed by a very specific rule, put forth by the class of Elder that currently has a majority in the council. Dictating the true majority of the Council might therefor be elementary for your victory.


Will you follow to get priority? Or will you rebel to have influence on the Council’s true majority?

Solidify your influence

First team to persuade one of every class of Elder, immediately wins the game!