As legendary warlords meeting in the fabled arena of Ortus to decide who is superior, both players command a band of handpicked warriors, all schooled in one of the prime elements. The Ortus arena is believed to be the origin of all things, the place where the prime elements were fed with the raw energies to shape the world as we know it. 


How true this is can be debated, but this is the only place where energy still flows freely in its purest form. Players must harvest these energies and channel them to their warriors as fast and unpredictable Wind warriors, clever positioning of supporting Fire warriors, and devastating blows from lethal Water warriors will all be necessary to claim victory.


Ortus invites 2 players to a deep tactical fight for around 45 minutes. 

Carefully balance the Energy you’ve collected from the Well scattered around the arena. Make full use of all the unique moves your Warriors are capable of, depending on the element they are specialised in.

A fast-paced head-to-head where every step you take can be critical.


Ortus - promotion - components

One round of gameplay

Collect Energy from Wells occupied by your Warriors

Spend Energy advancing and attacking your opponent

Know when to hand the turn to your opponent

Remaining Energy is used for defense


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