Good to see you! The fact that you are here probably means you recognize the amazing potential of board games in social, professional and educational environments. Indeed, games can excite, entice and activate people like nothing else in the world, making them a very powerful force of communication. Appealing to the playful nature of human beings is the best way to deliver your message straight into the minds and hearts of your audience and making sure it will stay there.

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Custom designed games

Here you have found the rare opportunity to have a novel board or card game designed, tailored to your specific goals. FableSmith games can be designed for a host of purposes, ranging from promotional tool to supporting teaching methods to elevating social events.

FableSmith games are built from the ground up, weaving in the information you want to convey in every design step. This will make sure that your game will have a unique character and is able to communicate your message with maximum impact.