Deception & Deduction in a world beyond ours

Passengers is a fast moving, team-based game that keeps all players on their toes all the time. Know when to share information and when to hold your tongue, keep a close eye on the actions of others and figure out their motivations. Clever communication with players you trust is crucial for your team to win!

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- Board and cardgame design -

FableSmith designs

Here you have the rare opportunity to have a novel board or cardgame designed, tailored to your specific goals.
FableSmith designs games for promotional, educational and social purposes.
These games are build from the ground up. Weaving in the information you want to convey in every design step. This will make sure that your own unique game is able to communicate your message to the people who are having fun playing!

The process

Your message…

.. translated into fun game mechanisms…

.. wrapped in an exciting package…

.. for you audience to fully engage with!

FableSmith illustrates

Drawing people into a game has many factors. The biggest of which are the first impression, theme and art.
FableSmith aims to welcome as many of people as possible to the table by making colorful, cartoony art that complements an interesting theme.
In my opinion game art should be clear, funny, engaging and accessible.
See some example below, along with a selection of childeren’s books illustrations
Find more styles and illustrations on my ArtStation

Games, games, games!

Sitting down to a boardgame with other humans, the interaction between everybody at the table is of the highest value.

It is because of that philosophy that FableSmith aims to make games that are

 – Welcoming

 – Easy to teach

 – Highly interactive

– Fun

– Never-seen-before

– Good for lots of laughs with friends and family


A devious deduction game where the good Soul Guides try to find those who would smuggle Demons into the Afterlands

A tactical 2-player game where a total control of the elements and skilfully balancing energy is the only path to victory

The Vatican has been infiltrated by a group of vampires! Smoke them out, or cleverly hide if you have the fangs

Hi! How are you? Let's


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