Mystery & Mischief in a world beyond..

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A special kind of deduction game

Social deduction, special action selection, tactical communication, voting and more…

Soul Guides vs Demon Smugglers

You and your friends will be split into different factions

Do your very best to help your faction get the right type of Passengers across the river!

Guides openly work together to ferry the good Souls across
Smugglers secretly try to sneak some Demons across
The Yaesther tries to mess up everyone's plans!

3 Passengers - 3 Rounds

3 steps per round


Place a Passenger, collect a Gift

Choose which Passengers you want to play


Place it facedown on the boat of your choice


Grab the Gift and Voices you’ve earned


Use your Gift well

Gifts grant special abilities


Gain unique insights into the situation


Decide to share, bluff or hold your tongue about your knowledge


Which boat may cross?

Find out which boat scores highest for your team


Convince others to vote your way!


Winning boat score at game’s end

The big reveal

At the end of the game, all cloaked Passengers are revealed

Souls and Demons are counted

Clever placement may yield bonus points for color matching!

Are you on the winning team?

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Update: Passengers will launch on Kickstarter in Q1 2022!

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