The custom game design process

If you are here, there is a high chance that you recognise the power of gaming to increase engagement with your message. 

 Below is a rudimentary overview of the process of creating a boardgame together. Just contact me and we’ll have a conversation!

Your message

Let me know what it is that you want to convey to your audience. Who is your target audience? What are the core points of your message or product and how do they relate to each other? We’ll set up a meeting to discuss this.

For example: You have a brand of specialised plant food and want people 

to know that each genus of plant needs a different kind of nourishment.

Translation to game mechanisms

Boardgames are about interactions between the player and the game. And of course between the other humans at the table. By translating your story to game mechanisms, incorporating art and logos and crafting the right narrative, you make sure that players will internalise your message like no other medium ever could.

Players combine cards depicting your specialised plant food with the right amount of water, 

trying to get the most beautiful garden in the game 

The physical manifestation of your story

After playtesting with your taget audience, looking at complexity, fun factor and engagement, your game is ready to be produced and distributed. Besides gamedesign, I can make the necessary art, graphic design and do print-prepping as well.

Turns out your target audience gets a kick out of matching the plants they have in their garden 

with the perfect mix of plant nutrition so they score more beauty points than their opponents

Active engagement with your message

Once you receive your custom games, you are free to take whichever route you want to get it in the hands of your audience. Because FableSmith games are short, accessible and attractive, people can easily invite others to share and engage with your message. Spreading the love!

People share your message with family and friends when they challenge them to a fun game of garden growing, opening their eyes and minds to the world of plant nutrition!

Some of FableSmith's past work


Hip & Co.

Divide & Conquer

Robot Billy

In collaboration with &Samhout Media, Foodstars is a series of quick and engaging cardgames, helping to promote the consumption of healthier food for the entire family

Developed with Pillar games, Hip and Co. is a light and fun digital party game that gives children with a chronic illness the tools to play with their friends more easily and more often

Developed for the Cancer Genomics Centre in Utrecht, Divide & Conquer was developed to engage students with the main biological mechanisms underlying tumor-growth

Robot Billy is a digital game that invites a parent and a child to engage in a more open dialogue about their emotions.


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