All Saints

On his usual midnight stroll, the Pope suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. There, in the center of the square, was something emitting an unnatural red glow from beneath the overgrow of vines. After carefully approaching the source, he found an old, eerie looking statue. He was certain this abomination was not there the night before. While examining it, it’s gaze seemed to follow his every move.


With his heart in his throat, the Pope called out to all within earshot to come and investigate this strange and frightening situation. From all corners, characters came rushing towards him, stopping in the shadows nearby. We must neutralize this threat! the red-faced Pope shreeked. But be on your guard, not all is what is seems. Those sneaky Vampires… And with that, the Pope fell to the ground.


All around the statue, the mutterings began. This evil must be stopped! Be brave brothers and sisters, we must work together. Who do we follow, now that the Pope has fallen? Why should I listen to you? Can you be trusted?


All Saints is in the design phase at this moment

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