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Playing Ortus just got even more interesting.

Introducing the Warlord expansion, a set of 6 oversized and beautifully illustrated Warlord cards that enable players to give the game another twist. Before you start your game, select one of the Warlord to represent you. On the back of the cards you will find their special skills they bring to the arena. It is now up to you to use these unique powers to cruch your opponent.  

For ApprenticeĀ  and Master players

  The warlord cards are usable for the Apprentice game as well as the Master game. In both cases, they will introduce new depth to an already deep tactical game. This expansion compels you to explore new tactical aveneus to get most out of the special skillset you now control. The warlords expansion is now available in the webstore as part of the Luxury Ortus deal. Warlord card overview front Warlord card overview backs
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