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FableSmith Hylaria

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Hylaria – a game of secret codes and hilarious fun!

The Hylaria Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! Welcome on board! Hylaria - Box mock-up

Invite your friends

Design a secret code

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Miscommunication is inevitable

Hilarity will follow…

Hylaria is the latest game coming from the FableSmith workplace.

Like the name suggest, Hylaria is a game that invites you and a group of friends (or strangers) to have a wonderfully idiotic time. Set in a world that makes little sense, teams of players try to telegraph the content of their cards to their mates, without their opponents finding out what they mean. Taught in under a minute, but endlessly replayable because the game taps into the creative nature of human beings. Fablesmith - website - Hylaria info A game for four, six or eight players, of ages 10 and up, having around 45 minutes of fun.


The rulebook is now available to everybody. Enjoy it HERE. De Nederlandse spelregels kun je HIER vinden. German rules can be found HERE.

Print and Play version at €1,- pledge

Since the launch on November 15th, the Print & Play version of Hylaria will be available from the basic €1,- pledge and up. You will be free to download the files, make your own version and try out the game with your friends and family. Enjoy, and please don’t forget the share your thoughts with @Hylariagame and others.

How to play

SLAM! Here’s a comic for you. You’ll get the idea in a few seconds.

Hylaria - How to play comic


Want to know what playing a game like Hylaria is like. Check out this short video!


At FableSmith we think that good games have the right to look really good. Check out the eyecandy for Hylaria:
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