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Wind warriors

Be wary of those who follow the paths of the Wind my son
One never knows where the leaves might fall
It’s the feeling of an incoming storm
A breath, a rustle a blow and gone


From a young age, those with the potency to become Wind warriors can be recognized by their truly free spirit. Adverse to any bounds set by man, these youngsters are often considered a blight on society by those with a narrow world view. The lucky though, will be allowed to grow up under the watchful eye of an elder Wind. These elders will see to a borderless upbringing while passing on their knowledge of the unaccountable and boundless forces of the storms. Once of age, those allowed to become Wind warriors will have fully embraced the most lawless ways nature has to offer. These radicals wield chaos like a weapon.

It is this unpredictable nature, along with their unmatched speed, that Wind warriors are an invaluable addition to any band of warriors.

Special move: Path of the Kite

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Wind warriors move like no other. They pay no Energy for flying in a straight line to the end of their Hexline

How to use your Wind warriors effectively

Using the Path of the Kite technique, Wind warriors can strike deep in the heart of your opponent’s forces. This can be both advantageous as well as dangerous. Keep in mind that an enemy warrior positioned close to the Haven of your opponent is easily replaced and therefore might not be the best target. Also, removing an enemy warrior from the front line (around the Core) can often lessens the threat more than taking out a far off warrior.

When one of your Wind warriors is attacked, keep in mind that it will be a smaller investment to get them back into the fray again than any other warrior, since Wind warriors use no energy to move. If you know that there are warriors that will need to be sacrificed, Wind warriors might be the best choice.

Even though Wind warriors can only move to the outer reaches of their hexlines and are therefore limited in their movement options, it is very hard for an opponent to adapt to or prepare for an attack of Wind warriors. Keeping a Wind warrior active and attacking with a Guided Storm as one of your last attacks might be a nasty surprise.

Landing a Wind warrior on an energy well can be hard to pull off, but it can be very useful to have a ranged unit on this position (especially when using the Fire warrior rule, making Wind warriors the only units in the game that can freely use ranged attacks). One way to achieve this is to end a hexline for Wind’s Path of the Kite on an energy well by cleverly positioning one of your own warriors next to it.

How to defend against Wind warriors

Different to all others, active Wind warriors will almost always be able to attack your forces for relatively cheap, meaning that you cannot disregard their potential even if they are located far from your warriors. Avoid offering a Wind warriors a free spot on an energy well by careful positioning of your own warriors. Wind warriors cover a wide area of the arena, but are also restricted in their move options, try and use this to your advantage.

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