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Water warrior

Tranquil as the streams that guide me
Patience shows few ripples
Then, to strike with the weight of an ocean
Drown in my might


Many shiver at the mere thought of meeting a Water warrior. There is no need for this. Respect their simple laws and you would be in little danger. You might even mistake these men of the Waters to be tranquil people. However, Water warriors are not merciful towards the ignorant and are especially hostile to those that would dare pollute the mother-element. Having their techniques based on the endless flowing of the waters, these warriors can effortlessly attack a multitude of opponents in one continuous stream of blows.

Employing their lethal craft, Water warriors can effectively tutor the fools that fail to see that Water can take life as easy as give it.

Special attack: Strike of Six Streams

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Water warriors are the most lethal, able to take out multiple targets in one attack

How to use your Water Warriors effectively.

Being the only units in your band of warriors able to take out multiple targets in one attack, these warriors can strike quite some fear in the heart of you opponent. Often the mere threat of a nearby Water warrior can be enough to temper your opponents ambitions of advancement. Keeping your Water warriors close to the main activity of your opponent can therefore be good practice. Even if they do not attack, they can do quite some indirect damage when your opponent is reluctant to spend energy on advancing in fear of the Water warriors’ potential.

On the start of you turn, when considering your attack, observe the arena and look for enemy positioning that you can exploit with a Strike of Six Streams or Crashing Waves.

Attack order is already an important consideration in the Basic game, but never more so than when commanding Water warriors. Being able to drain your opponent’s defensive energy before a well executed attack of your Water warrior might be a blow your opponent cannot recover from. In endgame, this might be even more true since you can spend all your energy on a final attack. If this attack wins you the game, there is no need to leave defensive energy.

How to defend against Water Warriors.

First remember that the effectiveness of the Water Warrior is heavily dependent on the positioning of their targets. With your opponent’s Water Warrior in close proximity, take extra care where you place your warriors.

Second, whenever you decide whether or not to save one of our warriors from an incoming attack, scan the arena for any enemy Water warriors that are still able to attack. Being low on defensive energy might be the cue for your opponent to take a handful of your warriors in a single swoop.

Third, Water warriors have no special defense style. They cannot attack from a distance like Wind or Fire warriors and they have no way to conceal themselves as the Earth warriors can, often making them easier to attack.

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