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Fire Warriors

Sister Flame, in you smoldering presence

Brother Fire, by your scorching light

In our sight their fate

In their ashes our glory


The path for every Fire warrior will start with the search for their Spirit-twin. Often born hundreds of miles from each other, these men and women will continue their lonely quest for sometimes decades until their twin is found. They cannot rest until that moment, fore a lone Fire warrior is incomplete and near powerless. After the union though, both Fire warriors form a connection unlike any other in the world and can draw energy from each other’s presence. This allows them to both perform scorching attacks on those who oppose them without draining energy from an outside source. Combined with their ability to shield and protect those that would ask for it, a pair of Fire warriors is a undeniable addition to your band of warriors.

Special attack: The Dragons

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Working in perfect synchrony, Fire warriors can strike from great distances without spending any Energy

How to use your Fire warriors effectively

For Fire warriors to have any real effect you are going to need them both in the arena. A lone Fire warrior can only collect energy and Strike.Use the fact that Fire warriors only pay energy to move, since their attacks (the Dragons) and protecting ability (the Phoenix) are free. It is therefore possible to keep them at a safe distance while still using them to great effect. You can get most out of a Phoenix if you can place both your Fire warriors together with one other warrior in a triangular position. It will depend on the situation in the arena though if you can pull this off effectively. One way to use the Dragons is to keep constant pressure on one of your opponent’s pieces. Since a Dragons attack is free, this could be a constant harassment that will cost you little to no resources. Pulling off a Dragons and ending with a useful Phoenix in one round is the perfect way to employ your Fire warriors.

How to defend against Fire warriors

As said before, Fire warriors rely on their Twin to have any considerable power. Taking out one warrior is often enough to strip away the threat. Because Fire warriors are often kept at the back , Wind warriors might be useful for this task. Furthermore, blocking a hexline can also cancel the powers of Fire warriors. Consider to move or charge with your warriors in such a way that they break a hexline that the Fire warriors are depending on. Last, always observe the arena carefully before you plan your attack. Overlooking a Phoenix when you are attacking might really mess up your plans.  

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