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Divide & Conquer

Divide & Conquer is an educational game made for the Cancer Genomics Centre in Utrecht.┬áBased on the review article: Hallmarks of cancer: the next generation by Douglas Hanahan and Robert Weinberg (Cell 2011), this game was intended for Biomedical students. Having spend a week of summerschool centered around this article, Divide & Conquer gave a light and fun but also insightful finish to the students.  

The game

Divide & Conquer consists of 80 cards and a gamerule booklet. All you need to get students engaged in the subject matter. The game is taught in around 5 minutes, almost immediately ready to dive into. Given the delicate nature of the subject of cancer, Divide & Conquer is designed as a cooperative game, where players work together to try and treat as many cancer patients as they can. This also makes the game highly interactive, a big plus in any game but especially valuable to get people from all over the world a bit closer together.

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