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Oh no… INVASION!!!

Well hi there Space Captains,Oh no- site - Spawnmother bare 

We have a situation. Actually, you guys have a situation. It seems that a class-A Spawnmonster has entered your section of the galaxy.

Your mission is simple; protect your system, destroy the Spawnmonster and oh… don’t die. 

That’s all. Cheers. Space Command out.


A space adventure

Oh no… INVASION!!! is a nail biting cooperative adventure that will have you and your friends on the edge of your seats in an effort to fight off waves and waves of invading aliens while amassing enough weapons to try and defeat the vicious Spawnmonster in the epic Final Conflict.  
Oh no - promo - card examples 2

A selection of the Spawnmonster threat



All you need for the Space adventure to commence is a box of Oh no… INVASION consisting of 106 cards and a rulebook.
  • 44 cards of the brave human Resistance
  • 62 cards of the alien threat presented by the Spawnmonster
  • Fully illustrated rulebook
Oh no - promo - card examples 1

A selection of Human Resistance cards


Rulebook is available in ENGLISHGERMANFRENCH and DUTCH Website - Flags - British   Website - Flags   Website - Flags - French   Website - Flags - Dutch      

How-to-Play video


Player aid

Here’s a Player-aid  to help you reference the rules while playing. Enjoy…

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