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Earth warriors

Those who truly feel the Earth we walk

Those who needn’t dig for secrets 

Only they can fade from view

Only they achieve such might hands


The unyielding mindset of the Earth warrior is unambiguous. Loyalty should lie at the birthplace. And it was the Earth that bore you. This stance, albeit inflexible, leads to a very clear focus, giving the sons of Earth the tools for some formidable feats. The most spectacular of which is their ability to adapt to any terrain in such a way that they can extract themselves from sight, save from those who master the same technique. Given their often brute profile, this is even more awe inspiring. Elegance is not the first description that comes to mind when observing an Earth warrior in action. Raw power rarely is. Earth warriors see no reason for form, not if it is in the way of sheer might. Both these characteristics make it that Earth warriors can never be disregarded.  

Special attack: Charging Bear

Website - Ortus - Charging Bear

Earth warriors have the most brutal attack, but pay a high price for this

Defense: Cloak of the Jaguar 

 Website - Ortus - Charging Bear 2

Being able to fully adapt to their surrounding, Earth warriors can extract themselves from enemy eyes.

This means none can attack them unless they are spotted by an opposing Earth warrior

How to use your Earth warriors effectively

Earth warriors have the most effective form of defense in the game. When covered, none can touch them. This makes them good candidates to serve in the front line. Coming close to enemy warriors is necessary since performing a Charging Bear on an far off target is often too costly. Therfore try to use Earth warriors are often at their most effective at the start of your attack order. Defending against a Charging Bear, with an attack power of 6 is painful for your opponent no matter how big their defense pool. If your opponent defends, there is a big reduction to his defense pool, if he does not, you might not even need to continue your attack and focus all energy on bringing your forces in a more favorable position. When performing a Charging Bear, you might have the option to land your Earth warrior in such a way that it also uncovers an opposing warrior (see the example in the rulebook). This is of course only useful if you still have active warriors to attack this newly uncovered Earth warrior with, otherwise your opponent has been given a treat!

How to defend against Earth warriors

Distance is killing for the effectiveness of Earth warriors. Your opponent will think twice before spending 8+ Energy on one attack. Keeping your distance is therefore advised.  

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